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Ambulance Transport Service
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Call Us Today!
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Qualifications for Ambulance Medical Transports:

Our staff at Trinity Care Transportation excels in providing licensed care with emphatic compassion. In the event, you or a loved one should need Medical Transportation (Emergency or Non-emergency) Please feel free to call and inquire about our services.
Patient must have any of the following to qualify for Ambulance/ Stretcher Transports.
  • Requires IV maintenance or Cardiac monitoring                                          
  • Is Seizure prone & requires monitoring
  • Requires airway monitoring by trained staff during transport                            
  • Has decubitus ulcers & requires wound precautions
  • Requires immobilization due to a fracture/possible fracture                               
  • Is exhibiting signs of decreased level of consciousness
  • Requires isolation precautions (VRE, MRSA, etc.)                                
  • Requires airway maintenance or suctions
  • Pt has contracture (upper, lower)                                                                     
  • Moderate/Severe pain on movement
  • DVT requires elevation of lower extremities                                                   
  • Morbid Obesity requires additional personnel/Equipment to safely handle patient